Project Description
Most of the time, you focus on the implementation of the business requirements. There are a lot of follow up tasks that are not directly asked by the business. Monitoring the activity of a system is one of the tasks that is implictly asked.

The goal of eyeLog is to monitor the a

The database-level audit is available on SQL Server 2005 and above: it consists of catching selected database events and storing the event data into a table.

There are three table-level audit types:
  • Minimum: simple audit fields are added to the audited table
  • Standard: an audit table is created and all changes are stored in it in the form of "old value" and "new value" so that you can directly see what changes have been done
  • Complete: combine the minimum and standard audit types

The following picture illustrates the wizard guiding you through all the steps needed to install/remove eyeLog system.

When activating the kernel with a professional license, a fourth type is available:
  • Custom: you can customize everithing
    • Which system fields are added in to the audited table
    • Which operations are audited (insert, update, delete)
    • Which user fields are audited

The Graphical User Interface provided with the project is a freeware illustrating how you can interact with the eyeLog engine. Of course, you can build your own GUI. The following picture illustrates a GUI I develop for a commercial version of eyeLog showing the "custom" table-level audit type:

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